UN Security Council Resolution 242

Israel had gained a great deal of land in the Six-Day War: from Jordan, it had gained East Jerusalem, which was quickly annexed into the capital city of West Jerusalem, and the West Bank; from Syria, it had gained the Golan Heights, and from Egypt, it had gained the Gaza Strip and the entire Sinai Peninsula. In response, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 242 on November 22, 1967. Resolution 242 demanded the "Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict [the Six-Day War]" and the "Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force" (i.e., the recognition of the State of Israel by its neighbors). Resolution 242 was not immediately implemented.

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